State Water Control Board Hearings on the ACP – Day 1

Photo by Marion Kanour

Scenes from Day 1 of the Virginia State Water Control Board hearing on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, December 11, 2017.

Click here for Marion Kanour’s photo album of Day 1 of the Water Control Board’s ACP hearing, December 11, 2017. There is commentary with each photo. One photo shows the “No standing or sitting” signs posted since last week’s MVP hearing, and Marion’s observation that DEQ had “also taped closed the electrical outlets used by attendees to charge phones and laptops. Emphasizing the ‘control’ in the State Water Control Board.”

A video posted on the Water Is Life Facebook page discusses the new signs, the taped outlets, and other new rules.

Richard Averitt, a Nelson County landowner on the ACP route, testifying in what seems to be one more rigged event designed to placate the people and do Dominion’s bidding. Richard began by noting that when he arrived at 7:30 a.m. to sign up to speak, there were 78 people there already and not one was pro-pipeline, yet many pro-pipeline people had been allowed to speak ahead of him.

All stand for The people’s proclamation led by Mara Eve Robbins.

David Sligh, Wild Virginia’s Conservation Director, commenting.