Sticker Shock

An October 12, 2017, blog post by the Natural Resources Defense Council discusses the sticker shock for Virginia consumers on the cost to them of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. “It’s time for Virginia to take a good look under the hood of Dominion’s proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, to determine whether Virginia is being sold a lemon that’s not just overpriced, but is one that Virginia doesn’t even need in the first place….

“As the expert testimony from a respected industry expert states, there is a ‘contradiction between statements adopted by the Company with respect to the “value” of the ACP and the Company’s own projections.’ The analysis shows that, even using Dominion’s own projections, the ACP would deliver not a cost decrease, but a significant cost increase for consumers. This additional expense of $1.6-2.3 billion would show up on Virginians’ high electricity bills that are already among the top-ten highest bills in the nation. That extra cost reflects the increased price tag to reserve space and transport natural gas in a brand-new pipeline, rather than simply use already-existing and therefore lower-cost pipelines.”

Read the full blog post here.