Add your voice to the opposition of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline by signing online petitions and sending comments and letters via easy-to-use online comment forms.  Then spread the word by sharing them with your friends!

Current Petitions

  • Stop the Rubber-Stamp for Oil and Gas Pipelines Through Virginia’s Waters:  A petition sponsored by Bold Alliance that allows you to sign on to the Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition’s (DPMC’s) objection to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality’s Water Quality Certification proposal, which would allow all utility projects (including the ACP) to be regulated under a generalized Nationwide 12 permit.  The DPMC has concluded that the Water Quality Certification would be illegal and would not protect Virginia’s waterbodies from the great variety of utility projects across the state.  Note:  the deadline for signing this petition is Friday, March 17th, 2017!
  • Stop Fracked Gas Pipelines from Being Approved by FERC:  An online comment form provided by Delaware Riverkeeper and Stop the Pipelines that takes advantage of the current lack of a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) quorum by urging representatives to oppose the appointment of any new FERC commissioners until Congress holds hearings investigating the many problems with FERC and institutes reforms for the agency.  Just fill in your contact information to immediately send a letter to your representative using Delaware Riverkeeper’s pre-written letter.
  • Tell FERC: No Atlantic Coast Pipeline:  An online comment form provided by the Chesapeake Climate Action Network that allows you to send a comment to FERC about the draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) for the ACP.  The form provides a pre-written letter to FERC that you can edit to add your own comments about the DEIS and how the pipeline would impact you.
  • Stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline:  An online comment form provided by the Sierra Club that makes it easy for you to submit a comment to FERC in opposition to the ACP.  The form provides a pre-written letter to FERC, which points out the failings of FERC’s draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) for the ACP and calls for FERC to withdraw and revise the DEIS, along with a comment box through which you can add a personal message to FERC.
  • Add Your Name to Appalachian Voices’ Letter to FERC:  Appalachian Voices is sending a letter to FERC to oppose the ACP and to point out the many failures in FERC’s draft environmental impact statement (DEIS).  You can sign on to these comments by adding your name in support.
  • No Pipeline Through Our National Forests:  A petition sponsored by Wild Virginia that urges the Forest Service to not amend the Land and Resource Management Plan for the George Washington National Forest to create a new management area in the forest that would allow construction of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline.
  • Nelson residents and property owners only:  Ask the Board of Supervisors to approve the proposed amendments to our Floodplain Ordinance that will be coming before them shortly, and ask them to invite the Department of Conservation & Recreation to come to Nelson County to give a public flood plain workshop.  The Planning Commission spent several months fine-tuning the proposed amendments, and unanimously approved their recommendation to the Supervisors.  Click here to read the proposed amendments (as approved after the public hearing on June 22, 2016).
  • Tell the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission:  Reject Pending Natural Gas Pipeline Permits:  A petition sponsored by Credo Action that calls for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to reject the permits for all pending natural gas pipeline projects.

To view a list of past petitions that are no longer active, please visit our Archived Petitions page.