Submit Comments and Write Personal Letters

You can fight the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and make your voice heard by writing letters to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the United States Forest Service, your elected representatives, Dominion’s Board of Directors, and your local newspaper.

  • Write a letter to FERC. FERC issued the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) on December 30, 2016 and finished accepting public comments on the DEIS on April 6, 2017.  FERC is still accepting comments on behalf of the Forest Service regarding the authorization of the ACP on National Forest lands and the proposed amendments of the Land and Resource Management Plans (LRMPs) that would allow the ACP to be constructed across the Monongahela and George Washington National Forests.  The deadline for comments to FERC regarding the ACP on National Forest lands is April 10, 2017.  Remember to include the ACP’s project docket number when submitting comments to FERC: CP15-554-000.  For more information and instructions on how to submit a comment to FERC, click here.  Wild Virginia has also prepared a step-by-step Guide to Commenting on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline DEIS.  To download a helpful handout about writing to FERC (updated March 2016) that covers the basics of submitting comments, important talking points, and addresses for submitting your comments online or by mail, click here for a Word file of the handout or click here for a PDF.  You can also find detailed information on writing to FERC on our FERC page.
  • Write letters to elected officials.  FERC continues to move forward with the application process for the ACP, but we still need to keep up the pressure on our representatives and FERC to ensure that the many comments submitted to FERC are taken under consideration!  We are fighting Goliath, and we win by relentlessly pressing on leverage points – not once, not twice, but over and over again.  Your personal letters–about your homes, your land, and the reasons why you oppose the ACP–to your representatives make a difference!  This sheet has contact information for Nelson County Supervisors, our State Senator Deeds and State Delegates Fariss and Bell, Governor McAuliffe, US Senators Warner and Kaine, and US Representative Hurt.  Ask them to demand that FERC prepare a regional Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that analyzes the cumulative and interrelated needs and impacts of proposed natural gas pipelines in Virginia; define and analyze alternative routes; conduct a rigorous cost-benefit analysis; and reject any route that would disturb National or State Forests, the Allegheny/Blue Ridge Mountain region, agritourism zones, rare or endangered species, and critical streams, waterways, or wetlands.  Most importantly, tell them your story!
  • Write letters to Dominion’s Board of Directors.  Friends of Nelson encourages everyone to write to the Dominion Board of Directors.  To download a letter that you can send to Dominion’s Board of Directors (just sign, print and mail!), click here for a PDF file or click here for a Word file. Please also email this letter to friends and family to mail.  Let’s flood their office!  While sending one letter to their office is a HUGE help, if you WANT to send more, please see this list of home and other business addresses for the individual members of the board.  Almost all of these addresses have been verified because board members have signed for certified mail at the location listed.  If you prefer to write your own letter, you can download our letter-writing handout (updated March 2016), which has contact information, instructions, and talking points for writing letters to Dominion’s Board of Directors:  click here for a Word file or click here for a PDF.
  • Write letters to the editor.  You can make your voice heard and sway public opinion about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline by writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.  To read guidelines on how to submit letters to the editor, click on the name of the newspaper to which you would like to send a letter:  Nelson County Times, The News & Advance, News Leader, The Daily Progress, The News Virginian, The Washington Post.

Need ideas for what to include in your letters?  The Friends of Nelson Fact Sheets at the top of our Information and Resources page have potential talking points for letters (eminent domain, water resources, property values, local economy, environment, jobs, energy economics). Speak Up Nelson has an excellent Web site devoted to helping residents write letters.  Two newspaper columns on eminent domain, one in the Staunton News Leader and the other in the Hampton Roads Virginia Pilot, and one from Lowell MA on re-routing to use existing rights of way may also be helpful.  Most importantly, be sure to write about the things that matter most to you:  your home, your land, your business, and the personal reasons why you oppose the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.