Thank You, Senator Deeds

State Senator Creigh Deeds has written to Molly Ward, Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources, David Paylor, Director of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, and Robert Dunn, Chair of the State Water Control Board, urging the Commonwealth of Virginia to “use the full scope of its authority to assess the impacts of the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines” and asking them “to conduct a thorough and transparent review of stream and wetland crossings, as well as all upland activities, and ensure that Virginia water quality standards are met.”

Deeds specifically asked that:

  • DEQ to perform individual 401 certifications for wetland and stream crossings, rather than relying on the Army Corps of Engineers’ (the Corps) Nationwide Permit 12 (NWP 12).
  • DEQ to postpone any public hearings or other activities that move forward with Section 401 certification until the pipeline developers have provided all information necessary for thorough DEQ and public review.   At the very least DEQ should extend any public comment periods on this issue to ninety days or more.
  • DEQ to expand the number and locations within impacted Counties for the Section 401 Certification public hearings to maximize opportunities for public input and participation.

Thank you, Senator Deeds!

Read the full letter here.