The Baptists and the Yogis Fight the Pipeline

Excellent article in the August 18, 2018, Washington Post, The Baptists and the yogis join to fight a pipeline, about the shared concerns and joint actions of these two seemingly disparate groups. Pastor Paul Wilson and his two Union Hill congregations, along with Swami Dayananda and Yogaville residents, are leading the opposition to the Atlantic Coast pipeline and its massive compressor station in Buckingham. In a recent sermon, Wilson talked about the arrest of apostles Peter and John for healing a man. “Brought before the most intimidating authorities of the land, they were asked, how dare they defy the law? ‘There’s a turning point,’ Wilson said. Peter, filled with spirit, replied that he was acting with God’s authority. ‘Listen!’ Wilson said. ‘It does not matter who you are. It doesn’t matter where you come from.’ If you speak with moral righteousness, he said, you can face anyone.”