The Gas Industry’s Playbook

The December 5, 2017, Huffington Post reports that a Leaked PowerPoint Reveals The Gas Industry’s Playbook For Waging Pipeline Fights. Earlier revelations in the November 29, 2017, Washington Post on Dominion’s ‘Campaign to elect a pipeline:’ Va.’s most powerful company ran multi-front fight, said, “The state’s most powerful corporation, along with partner companies and the American Gas Association, poured resources into online groups called EnergySure and Your Energy Virginia to whip up what it called a grassroots ‘campaign to elect a pipeline.’ Numbers from an industry presentation suggest the scope of the effort: As of early October, Dominion had compiled a ‘supporter database’ of more than 23,000 names, generated 150 letters to the editor, sent more than 9,000 cards and letters to federal regulators and local elected officials, and directed more than 11,000 calls to outgoing Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Virginia’s U.S. senators.”  The Post also posted Dominion Energy’s Power Point to industry insiders detailing its campaign to build support for its controversial pipeline. See Dominion’s 10-slide PowerPoint here.

The new Huffington Post article builds on the Washington Post’s November 29 article about the role of manufactured pro-energy front groups like Energy Sure and Your Energy Virginia, and includes additional examples of their promotional materials. For the gas industry, “it’s like, ‘We have to do something, we have to counter this narrative, or at least we have to muddy the waters and make it seem like there’s protests on both sides,’ said Josh Stanfield, executive director of the progressive group Activate Virginia, which has opposed pipelines.”