VA Sierra Club Statement: Executive Order on Infrastructure

The Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club issued a statement on January 26, 2017, on the inclusion of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline in the President’s executive order on infrastructure.

“Once again, Donald Trump is looking to take credit for something he had no part of, only this time, it’s a dirty and dangerous project that will deliver pollution to our communities. There is no need for this project, and it is baffling to include an enormous 42-inch fracked gas pipeline in a proposal of general infrastructure projects. Clean energy investments would create more long-term career jobs in our communities throughout Virginia and wouldn’t require large swaths of private property to be taken through eminent domain.

“Dominion Resources’ stranglehold on Virginia’s energy policy has been unacceptable for decades, and Dominion should not be given the opportunity to dictate our national energy policy as well.”

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