VADEQ Lifts Voluntary MVP Work Stoppage

Based on soil erosion and sediment controls issues identified during inspections and on complaint inspections by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (with most complaints having been filed by private citizens in the absence of active DEQ inspections), Mountain Valley Pipeline agreed to temporarily suspend work on June 29, 2018. Work was to resume only after MVP received approval by DEQ.

Now, just two working days later, in the late afternoon on July 3, 2018 (clearly aiming for minimal public attention the day before a holiday), the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality released two of three areas for continued construction.

The statement posted on the DEQ Web page says, “Three areas of the Mountain Valley Pipeline  project have been evaluated. After completion of DEQ inspections to ensure proper soil erosion and sediment controls are implemented, on July 3, 2018, two have been released to work. DEQ inspectors will continue to be on site to monitor and review pipeline construction throughout the project. The public is welcome to email complaints, submit pollution reports on the DEQ website, or call (804) 698-4003. Complaints and concerns will be investigated as DEQ receives them. A summary of complaint investigations and site inspections is available.”