Virginians Pay More for Energy Than They Should

A new report from Clean Virginia shows that because Dominion and APCO are shifting more than $700 million in excess profits and costs onto ratepayers, Virginians pay more on their energy bills than they should. The report, The Dominion Tax: How Virginians Pay Millions Extra to Subsidize Dominion’s Legalized Corruption, explains how Dominion and APCO charge their ratepayers not only for energy use and delivery but also to subsidize excess corporate profits, executive pay, lobbying, campaign contributions, and more. The extra charge averages out to about $254 annually per Dominion ratepayer and $89 per APCO ratepayer, including households, businesses, and industry. Dominion and APCO between them provide service to more than 8 in 10 Virginians.

The report includes proposals for ways Virginia legislators and government agencies can curb Dominion’s outsized influence in Richmond and eliminate excess charges to utility customers.