What Caused Pipeline Explosion in WV?

A week after the massive pipeline explosion on rural Nixon Ridge in the Wheeling WV area, TransCanada is still investigating why exactly this brand new, 36-inch, “best-in-class” pipeline blew up. Drone footage from WTRF7 (by EM Media and Gold, Khourey and Turak) gives us a look at the area devastated by the explosion and resulting fire.

The explosion and fire, which incinerated approximately 10 acres of woods and obliterated everything in the immediate area of the explosion, were in an unpopulated area, but the planned routes for the larger 42-inch ACP and MVP pipelines run next to homes, churches, schools, and commercial buildings. The 2010 explosion of the 30-inch San Bruno CA pipeline, and the resulting fire, killed 8 people, injured dozens, and destroyed 50 homes.

TransCanada’s new pipeline, in operation less than 6 months, was supposed to be “best-in-class.” Dominion plans to use what they call “best-in-class” techniques in building the Atlantic Coast Pipeline through our properties. We are not reassured!