Workshop: Native Plant Identification and Rescue

Please join Blackberry Botanicals for a Native Plant Identification Workshop and Plant Rescue Training on Thursday April 12, 2018 from 6pm – 8:30pm, in the Rockfish Lounge at Rockfish Valley Community Center
. This training session is for Landowners and Volunteers who would like to volunteer to rescue and transplant our native medicinal plant heritage. FREE and open to the public. Donations are accepted and appreciated.

Blackberry Botanicals (BB) in conjunction with United Plant Savers is in the process of coordinating several plant rescue operations due to the destruction imminent in the path of several fracked gas pipelines that are coming through West Virginia and Virginia. The Appalachian mountains are home to over 500 verified varieties of medicinal plants many of which grow nowhere else in the world. BB is preserving these plants, and preserving the rich and varied medicinal heritage of our Appalachian region.

The land clearing proposals and current practices observed during pipeline construction will negatively impact forest and wetland medicinals. This is a critical time to preserve these plants, many of which will not survive if the controlled environment in which they flourish is damaged. Blackberry Botanicals (BB), along with a crew of dedicated volunteers, are digging and replanting medicinals with growers who are actively participating in managed forestland plantings with verifiable practices of conservation.

Following the April 12 informational meeting and training session, BB will schedule several days to visit Nelson County in May 2018 to meet with interested landowners, to walk the proposed pipeline route on landowner property, and identify and mark native medicinal plants on the property. BB will return in June 2018 for several scheduled volunteer dig days. During these digs, native medicinal plants will be carefully and sustainably harvested from their current location, and either planted on the landowners property outside of the proposed pipeline route, or will be safely transplanted to another local plant sanctuary or to the United Plant Savers Sanctuary in Ohio.

If you are a landowner or a potential volunteer in Nelson County and are interested in learning more, please contact Sara Agelasto at If you would like to contact Blackberry Botanicals directly, please email or call Beth at 304-923-3716.  (Blackberry Botanicals will have information at the Friends of Nelson Public Meeting on April 11 at RVCC.)