Biden’s Early Climate Blitz Goes Faster, Further Than Expected

From Bloomberg Green. “In my view we’ve already waited too long to deal with this climate crisis” – Joe Biden. January 27, 2021

We knew that President Joe Biden campaigned on tackling climate change, but no one expected fossil fuels to come under such an immediate attack.

Biden didn’t quietly sidetrack the Keystone XL pipeline with legal maneuvers, but cancelled the permit on his very first day.

Biden didn’t simply rejoin the Paris climate pact as promised, but had his climate advisor, Gina McCarthy, commit to “the most aggressive” carbon cut the U.S. can make.

Then, Biden signed a climate-related executive order suspending new oil and gas leases on public lands, directing federal agencies to purchase electric cars by the thousands and seeking to end fossil-fuel subsidies.

Biden is also weaving climate considerations into decision-making across the federal government. His directives established a National Climate Task Force, with members drawn from 21 federal departments and agencies.