Dominion Maps

On February 16, 2018, NBC29 reported that “Dominion Energy introduced an interactive map for people to stay updated on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s construction. The map shows the current route and timeline of construction project within specific regions.”

On Dominion’s map site there is a tab for each state, and then a link for each county. However, while the Dominion maps supposedly show the pipeline route and construction activity, at this point in time they do not show any detail at all: no access roads, no stream crossings, no flood plains, no supply or construction yards. In fact, as you click to enlarge, there comes a point – on the 6th click, just when you would be getting to a reasonable level of detail – where the line showing the pipeline route simply disappears from their map! So at a detailed level there is nothing to look at.

We suggest you go to our Maps page and look at the maps provided by Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition and by Friends of Nelson for detailed maps showing the things the Dominion maps currently don’t show you.

On the Dominion maps, on the sidebar of each county page there are sections for News Alerts, Construction Activity, Community Investment, and Community Resources.

Under Community Investment they say, “We believe in corporate citizenship and doing our best to enhance the communities where we live, work and play. Check back to these pages as we’ll show you during construction how we’re making that happen.” So far, we have seen no sign of good corporate citizenship or enhancing communities. Somehow, creating permanent scars on the landscape, fouling streams, clearing slide-prone slopes of vegetation, and bringing heavy truck and equipment traffic to small county roads does not seem like community enhancement.

Under Community Resource they say, “The ACP will bring substantial economic benefits to the communities across West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. We encourage you to visit these pages often to see how our contractor, SRC, is relying on your local businesses to provide supplies and services throughout the course of construction of the ACP.” We note that Dominion is no longer talking (as they were several years ago) about how the pipeline bring jobs to our communities, perhaps because the blatant untruth of that has been so well publicized. Now they are falling back on touting reliance on our “local businesses to provide supplies and services” during construction. We’ll see….