Floodplain Information and Education Meeting

April 2011 flooding, Goodwin Creek

Friends of Nelson will hold an information and education meeting to help you learn about floodplains and Nelson County’s floodplain ordinance. Drop by any time between 6:30-8:00 pm on Monday February 5, 2018, at Rockfish Valley Community Center.

Dominion & Atlantic Coast Pipeline want to override Nelson County’s important FEMA Floodplain Management Ordinance protections. ACP needs approvals from Nelson County Board of Zoning Appeals to cross 11 floodplains in Nelson County.

Come learn what’s at stake with the Board of Zoning Appeals Variance requests and how to participate in the upcoming public hearings at Nelson County High School at 7 pm on February 12th. We’ll have “talking points” handouts and answer any questions you may have about submitting public comments. We MUST urge the Board of Zoning Appeals to reject Dominion/ACPs request for ordinance protections to put their pipeline through our floodplains – our water is at stake!

The floodplain ordinance is available online.  It is Article 10 of the Nelson County Zoning Ordinance.