Fossil Fueled Foolery

Press release from the NAACP, April Fool’s Day 2019:

BALTIMORE (April 1, 2019) On April Fools’ Day, the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Department is releasing, “Fossil Fueled Foolery: An Illustrated Primer on the Top 10 Manipulation Tactics of the Fossil Fuel Industry.” Read the report here.

The report takes aim at the well-documented strategies and tactics employed by fossil fuel companies, lobbyists and advocates to manipulate communities, policy makers, and academia in ways perpetuating polluting practices that harm communities and the environment.

“One of the most duplicitous strategies of the fossil fuel industry is manipulating messaging which feigns concern for the welfare of low income and communities of color. This is a self-serving effort to maintain their wealth,” says Kathy Egland, Chair of the NAACP National Board Committee on Environmental and Climate Justice. “The unmitigated gall, to use as pawns the very demographics that they have caused such disproportionate harm through their polluting practices, reflects the low levels to which they will sink. Greed has no moral or ethical bounds, and we will continue to expose their foolery in seeking to deceive our communities,” she added.

For Jacqueline Patterson, Senior Director of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program, the key goal of this report is to empower NAACP branches, members and elected officials to understand the disingenuous ways in which this industry promotes policies dangerous to our communities and the planet.

“In releasing this paper, our central aim is to ensure that our branches, chapters, and state conferences are fully aware of the practices employed by too many in the fossil fuel industry, to attempt to entice them to act against the interests of the communities we serve,” said Patterson. “We also lift up the many examples where our local leaders see these machinations for what they are, resist, and lead in the transition to a new, sustainable and just energy economy,” she added.

Please download the report here.