Friends of Nelson always needs volunteers for its many activities, events, and outreach programs.  To get a sense of who our volunteers are and what they do, please take a moment to read through the information on this page.  We invite you to join us in our fight against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline by volunteering for Friends of Nelson.  We are always looking for new volunteers and would like to put your skills to work!  If you would like to volunteer, please fill out our online Volunteer Contact Form.


Current Volunteer Needs

Friends of Nelson is currently looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:

Tabling Volunteer at the Farmers Market, May–October, one Saturday each month, from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm:  Duties include assisting with setting up and taking down the booth and welcoming members of the public and providing them with basic information about Friends of Nelson and the proposed pipeline, such as providing a brief review of recent activities (in answer to “What’s the latest?” questions), a brief response to the “Is it a done deal?” question, and a brief synopsis of current petitions. For all other questions, tabling volunteers should invite the person to write his/her question, along with contact information, on a form, and responses will be provided by Friends of Nelson Board members.

Note:  Friends of Nelson is always looking for volunteers to support our work in opposing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  While we have a current need for volunteers for the positions posted above, we are always looking for volunteers in a variety of areas, and we welcome and encourage prospective volunteers to get in touch with us about the ways in which they would like to volunteer for Friends of Nelson.  Get in touch with us by filling out our Volunteer Contact Form today!

What Do Volunteers Do?

There are a variety of ways you can help Friends of Nelson in the fight against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline:

  • Staff the Friends of Nelson tables at events like the Nelson County Farmers’ Market (and the markets in Charlottesville and Scottsville) and at events like the public meetings we hold throughout the year.
  • Distribute “No Pipeline” pamphlets to businesses and public locations throughout Nelson County.
  • Place “No Pipeline” signs along our highways (and replace the signs when they get mowed).
  • Help with setup and takedown of chairs and tables, etc., at events.

Whether you are outgoing or shy, deeply informed or just learning about the pipeline, a Nelson County native or a newcomer, there are ways you can contribute to the effort to protect our beautiful county and preserve private property rights. We hope you’ll join us in this all-important battle.

Who Are Friends of Nelson’s Volunteers?

Friends of Nelson would not be able to do the important work of protecting Nelson County without the time, energy, and enthusiasm of our many volunteers.  You may see some of our volunteers out in the community, while others work in less public ways to help protect Nelson County.  Take some time to read the volunteer profiles below and get to know the faces and stories of a few of our volunteers.

Janet Wellman


Janet Wellman volunteers at Friends of Nelson’s table at the Nelson County Farmer’s Market.

“I volunteer to help Friends of Nelson because I believe the ACP should not be in Nelson County.  Friends of Nelson is indeed a friend of Nelson in the best sense.

I help out ‘tabling’ at the Farmers’ Market.  At the end of the market day I’m pretty tired but very energized.  Those who stop by typically either want to be educated on the issue or want to express their anti-pipeline support.

A natural gas pipeline intrusion into Nelson concerns me on many fronts.  I treasure our sweet well water, our creeks and the Rockfish River, our air and soil quality and the beauty of Nelson.  These amenities could easily be negatively affected by such activities as blasting, drilling long pipeline tunnels through mountain tops, clearing a 125’ path through steep slope forest and under waterways, and using immense quantities of our water for testing pipeline leakage.  All this to say nothing of the remote but real possibility of an explosion.

Any large fossil fuel project, which this clearly is, would extend the use of bad energy and reduce an increase in renewable energy.  With the fact of climate change, such projects are unconscionable.”

Brian Moss


Brian Moss (on right) at the Heritage Harvest Festival, Monticello, Fall of 2015.

“I volunteer for friends of Nelson because I feel that it is my duty to not just the wonderful community of Nelson County, but to all the people in this beautiful world. Your voice is only heard if you use it. Strength in numbers people!”

Jim Marshall


Jim Marshall monitors stream water quality by taking samples at Davis Creek in Nelson County.

“I volunteer for the Friends of Nelson’s stream water quality monitoring program.  Led by Trout Unlimited, this program is conducted in Virginia and West Virginia on streams that would likely be affected by the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Our first meeting with Trout Unlimited personnel was about a half day, and we all discovered the importance of the monitoring of the fresh water streams that are so near our homes and which we believe will be impacted by the intrusion of the ACP project.

Our monitoring sites are on Davis Creek, which flows into the Rockfish River, then to the James River. After selecting two appropriate sites, we began putting our training class into actual practice. We spent about four hours the first day ‘getting our feet wet.’ Although my working life had been in the engineering field, I was surprised to find that stream monitoring is quite different, in that we are dealing with an ever changing, living body that is so crucial to all of us. Measurements of the pH factor of the water, the turbidity (measure of water clarity), water temperature, and water level are done by methods which we had to hone in the field. The more we have done this at our two sites, the more we realize how dynamic a small stream can be.

I am enjoying this experience and feel that it is a way I can contribute to a worthwhile cause in our state and here in Nelson County.”

Mike Craig


Mike Craig at the Earth Day Eco Fair in Charlottesville, April 2016.

“I volunteer for Friends Of Nelson because I’m wanting to get the real information out to folks about the ACP and do what I can to help make sure it doesn’t get built.”

Lee White

Lee White at the Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival, September 2016.

Lee White at the Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival, September 2016.

“In addition to attending Friends of Nelson meetings and group events/actions, I recently volunteered at Charlottesville’s Veggie Fest, to help spread the ‘No Pipeline’ message and help people understand the issues surrounding the proposed pipeline. It was an enjoyable and rewarding few hours, connecting with local residents, many of which were somewhat in the dark about the pipeline and the issues pertaining to it.  It was a pleasure to help out, and I look forward to the next opportunity!”

Add your face to our group of friendly and passionate volunteers!  If you would like to volunteer, please fill out our Volunteer Contact Form.