Tell FERC to Not Accept changes to Mountain Valley Pipeline’s Plan

From Kay Ferguson’s 7 Protections from Fracked Gas in VA for Dec. 17-30

FLOOD THE FERC: By 5 pm December 21, tell the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission not to accept Mountain Valley Pipeline’s variance request to allow them to bore under waterways.

The rules of the water permit for MVP were inadequate to protect our water. MVP broke all the rules. Some rule breaking holds MVP up in court. Now they want to change the rules without due or public process. This is a no.

There are two ways to say no before Dec. 21, 5 pm

Short/one click still effective way: Sign & share this petition. And this one.

Longer more effective way: Filing as an intervenor on this request and/or filing comment with FERC is not so simple, but for some of you long in this fight, it might be time to learn it. This latest go around request from MVP is docket number # CP21-12. For help with FERC filings, review this tool kit: To view the document for this Issuance, click here