Tom Farrell’s Op Ed vs Reality

Thomas F. Farrell, Dominion CEO, has an op ed column in the Richmond Times-Dispatch for October 20, 2018, Powering Virginia’s future with clean, affordable, and reliable energy. As one might expect, it is filled with misleading and erroneous statements. For a reality check, read Blue Virginia’s detailed commentary on and corrections of the op ed column.  Here are three of Blue Virginia’s multiple corrections to Farrell’s piece:

  • “The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a great example of the type of investment it takes to affordably and reliably power Virginia’s homes and businesses, while also making our energy cleaner.” (This is utter rubbish. In fact, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a massive, multi-billion-dollar boondoggle that is not needed, will likely end up “stranded” in a few years, and which absolutely will NOT make “our energy cleaner,” as fracked natural gas must have “methane losses…kept below 3.2 percent for natural gas power plants to have lower life cycle emissions than new coal plants over short time frames of 20 years or fewer,” and that “methane leaks offset much of the climate change benefit of natural gas.”)
  • “While the project is overwhelmingly supported by the communities where it’s being built, it has encountered opposition.” (Any serious evidence that this project is “overwhelmingly supported by the communities where it’s being built?”)
  • “The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will save consumers money on their natural gas and electricity bills” (In fact, according to Will Cleveland of the Southern Environmental Law Center,the pipeline contract that Dominion has signed on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will actually increase customer costs by about two billion dollars”)