Worth Noting!

The Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance sent out their 250th ABRA Update on October 24, 2019. Commenting on the occasion, ABRA’s Dan Shaffer says,

If you’d asked me in October of 2014 what I’d be doing today – well, let’s just say writing this email would not have come to mind!

But then, I guess the Atlantic Coast Pipeline wasn’t exactly in anybody’s 5-year plan…except of course, Dominion’s.

That said, I think it’s fair to say that nobody, on either side of the issue, expected we’d be here: the project stalled on multiple fronts by litigation, permits revoked, costs soaring and Dominion struggling to put a good face on the debacle while having only 20 miles of pipe in the ground.

THAT said…this thing is far from over…like it or not. Dominion still has a virtually-unlimited supply of our money at its disposal to plow ahead. It still wields unmatched influence over Virginia politics and thus our energy and economic future. It has friends in high places, as its inclusion on this administration’s early Priority Infrastructure list, latest Attorney General (William Barr – recent Dominion board member), and the U.S. Solicitor General’s request for a Supreme Court hearing over the Appalachian Trial crossing all attest.

Thus, we must ourselves keep pushing back against the fossil fuel tide which, while difficult to stand against, is simply no longer the irresistible force that it once was. Though the current is shifting in our direction, the battle, much less the War, is not yet won. We are on the right side of this – and of history. But we must keep fighting.

Thanks again for all of the hard work that all of you have done. All of the time that you have committed and sacrifices you’ve made.

It has not been in vain. If it had, there would be an operating pipeline in the ground today…not this email in your Inbox!