Rep. Hurt Introduces Legislation to Give Private Property Owners a Voice

But only in selected cases! If it’s a hydroelectric power project, Congressmen Hurt, Griffith and Goodlatte are concerned about private property rights. (Click here to read more about H.R. 2929.) Why don’t they extend those concerns to the thousands of private property owners along the paths of the proposed ACP and MVP? Send them a note and ask them!

Representative Robert Hurt
125 Cannon
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-4711
Fax: (202) 225-5681
Charlottesville Office Phone: 434-973-9631
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Bob Goodlatte
2309 Rayburn HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5431
Fax: (202) 225-9681
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Morgan Griffith

1108 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3861
Fax (202) 225-007
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Atlantic Coast Pipeline Hearing Goes Before New Judge

A Roanoke Times article reports, “A new federal judge will consider two lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of a state law used by developers of a proposed natural gas pipeline to allow surveyors onto private property without the owners’ permission, the same issues debated before a different judge four months ago.  U.S. District Court Judge Elizabeth Dillon will schedule a new hearing in one suit, brought by four Nelson County landowners against Dominion Transmission Inc., the leader of a limited liability company proposing to build the 550-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline to the Virginia and North Carolina coasts….  The transfer of the cases came as a surprise to all of the parties in the two suits, which seek to block use of the state surveying law as the developer of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline proceeds with a second round of lawsuits against landowners who have refused to allow surveyors onto their properties for the $5 billion project.”

The lawsuits were first heard in federal court in Harrisonburg by Judge Michael Urbanski in February 2015.

How Wide Is The Easement Dominion Wants?

Thanks to the Woods Mill Homeowners Association for helping us to visualize what Dominion wants of property owners!

“The amount of space that the pipeline would take up is significant to understanding the concerns of these residents. The north and south bound lanes at Route 29 near Woods Mill is about a 70 foot easement. The 150 foot easement that Dominion’s proposing would be more than twice that width.”

Dominion CEO Worried About Grassroots Social Media Organizing

The following is a post from the We Are Cove Point Web page: “In an article published June 26 by SNL Financial, Dominion CEO Tom Farrell spoke at length on his concerns regarding the effectiveness of the organizing that’s been done by groups like We Are Cove Point, Beyond Extreme Energy, Friends of Nelson and so many others. We’re increasingly united — locally and regionally — and are able to spread information quickly to concerned people everywhere. As our efforts build and our outreach gets broader, we’re seeing Dominion and other companies find themselves unsure of how to silence us. They spend a lot of money to convince people they are “the good guys,” but when people are faced with trying to maintain their way of life and well-being amongst a vast assortment of harmful chemicals emitted into our air and water, the industrialization of wonderfully rural areas and the ever-present threat of catastrophic explosions, Dominion and these other natural gas companies have already made that choice to be “the bad guys.”

“It’s incredibly inspiring to see so many people raising themselves and their communities up, and saying an emphatic “NO!” to these gas industry plans. We Are Cove Point is re-publishing this to show people in similar situations out there that, collectively, we are making giant energy corporations pivot to us! We have a lot of work to do still, but Dominion and others are finding it more difficult than they had planned to destroy our communities. If you’re organizing in your community and spreading information around, please keep doing that. If you’re not yet, please consider supporting and spreading items on social media, talking with your friends and neighbors about these issues, putting up flyers and signs around your area, and doing the little things that, when put together, are what make our movements powerful. They have the money, but we have the people. Let’s keep giving ‘em hell!

For the article detailing Farrell’s complaint, go here on the We Are Cove Point page.

Dominion Would Police Pipeline Impact Itself

We can just imagine how that would work!


An excerpt from Rick Webb’s guest column in the Staunton News Leader:

“We have been promised that the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline will be environmentally responsible…. Dominion says not to worry: water resources are protected by strict government oversight. We are told that pipeline construction will be subject to a well-tested, transparent and effective regulatory system where the public has ample opportunity for input. The reality for pipeline construction, however, is quite different. With respect to critical state regulatory requirements there is no actual agency review, oversight, or compliance enforcement. There is no real opportunity for public input.

“Virginians will be surprised to learn that pipeline construction projects are essentially self-regulating when it comes to E&SC. Pipeline construction companies operate under general Annual Standards and Specifications, which allow them to perform their own E&SC plan review and conduct their own inspections – with company-hired reviewers and inspectors.

“The Virginia DEQ has the authority to request and review site-specific E&SC plans, but it has not allocated staff resources to do so. The DEQ also has the authority to conduct inspections, but the DEQ is short on staff, and its inspection program is strictly complaint driven. DEQ is also supposed to review and approve submitted Annual Standards and Specification, but again, resources are limited, and since assuming the program in 2013, the DEQ has simply extended previous approvals – despite the fact that more-protective regulations have since been adopted.

“Dominion, it seems, expects that it will be able to continue to operate under out-of-date Annual Standards and Specifications. And, strangely, a Dominion spokesman has explained that the DEQ will not require submission of E&SC plans due to an exemption provided by the federal Natural Gas Act.

“Actually, the DEQ doesn’t seem to know whether it will request E&SC plans or not, and it’s not clear when a decision will be made.”

Read the full article here.

Why Are the Government’s Energy Forecasts So Bad?

An important article. Predicting the future is not easy. But the energy numbers Washington relies on are bizarrely off-base.  Justifications for new energy infrastructure are based on the federal Energy Information Administration “forecasts,” as are excuses for avoiding renewables. “The agency’s latest reference case suggests solar capacity will double from 2014 levels by 2026. But … an industry analysis based on actual projects in the pipeline has projected that solar capacity will double by next year – and so far it’s on track to do just that. Similarly, the U.S. has been adding an average 6.5 GW of wind every year since 2007, but the EIA’s reference case only envisions an additional 6.5 GW over the next 15 years…The EIA has also consistently overestimated electricity demand, which has a huge impact on power plant construction and utility planning.” Their forecasts base the future on the past – a bad bet when considering a field like renewables that is advancing very rapidly.

Volunteers Needed: Help Hold FERC Accountable

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! and update on crowd source review of scoping comments! Help hold FERC accountable and provide valuable data for our own pipeline impact study!

CAN YOU HELP REVIEW THE FINAL 316 comments? If you sign up, you will be emailed 3 comments to review, and an easy on-line form to fill out. Email to help!

  • 3,342 comments were submitted to FERC during the scoping period.
  • Of those 1,705 were form letters for which individual review is not needed.
  • That leaves 1,637 individual comments to review.
  • Some of those, 102, are more technical/lengthy, and Key-Log Staff are reviewing those.
  • That leaves 1,535 letters for review by volunteers.
  • 1,219 of those have already been sent out to volunteers!
  • 316 still need reviewing.

If you sign up, you will be emailed 3 comments to review, and an easy on-line form to fill out. Email to help!

Help Spread the Resistance

tabling-group-22june2015How do we SPREAD OUR RESISTANCE? Volunteer 2 hours to table at Fridays After 5 in Charlottesville THIS Friday, June 26 (5-7 p.m.) in our multi-group tabling effort to help engage the multitudes on the Mall! Smiles and eye-contact, and a few stock phrases are all you need to pull someone in to educate and get signatures. Sign up here, and show up!

Speak to Senator Kaine’s Aides in Staunton

Thursday Jun 25, 2015, 02:00 PM -03:00 p.m., Staunton Public Library, 1 Churchville Ave., Staunton. Senator Kaine’s aides will be at the library to hear constituents’ concerns. Please share your concerns about the ACP! If you need ideas about what to ask the Senator to do, read the letters we have at Please RSVP to