Rally in the Park – November 1

Join your friends and neighbors for a Rally in the Park: Citizens United Against Dominion Pipeline. Saturday November 1, 2:30-5:00 pm, Constitution Park, Waynesboro VA. Come and show your opposition to Dominion’s proposed 42 inch high pressure gas pipeline through your counties; see exhibits on what Dominion has planned for your farms, forests, rivers, and water supplies; learn where to write to voice your objections; petitions to sign, letter writing campaign, guest speakers, music; signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts will be available. A Pipeline Education Group event. Here’s a flyer you can distribute or post.

Call for Volunteers & Landowners to help map resources

Friends of Nelson is working in cooperation with Natural Nelson, a new project dedicated to documenting the riches of Nelson County, by connecting interested landowners on the pipeline route with experts and other volunteers.   We are thrilled to see this project, because we need as much of this information as possible, to aid us in effectively participating in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) process, should it begin.  Please read below to learn more about the project. 

 Natural Nelson is asking for expert volunteers.  Please consider sharing the link below with any relevant groups or associations that you may be affiliated with.  We are sending out 3 emails in a row – 1. asking for experts, 2. for general volunteers, and 3. with information for landowners on the route. We urge everyone who can to participate in this project, as it is truly key to fighting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Thank You for your support!!!

For more information please see Natural Nelson.

Landowners: Stay Vigilant- Say NO to Dominion

Dear Landowners and Friends of Nelson,

Landowners please understand that you do NOT have to allow Dominion onto your property for survey. Dominion does NOT have eminent domain authority now. The only way they can get eminent domain authority is if the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approves the Atlantic Coast Pipeline Project.  Dominion has NOT even pre-filed with the FERC yet and says they haven’t even decided to do this project yet. Dominion has publicly stated that they will NOT survey your property without your permission.  If you allow them to survey, they WILL use your approval as proof that you support the project.  They are already telling the press and their potential investors that the majority of landowners along the ACP proposed route are in favor of the project based on the over 50% survey approval rating in other counties. Stand strong Nelson County!  Tell Dominion you do NOT want this project. Keep denying survey. Help stop this project!

Charlotte Rea
Friends of Nelson

Guidelines for Responding to Surveyors in Nelson County

Dominion has said they will start surveying properties in Nelson County on October 1, but will only survey properties if the owner has given permission. Surveyors have been seen in the County. It is not too late to deny permission! Friends of Nelson has prepared a sheet with guidelines that you can print for handy reference, and can also print to share with neighbors who do not have or use the Internet. The guidelines suggest:

  • How to deny permission before surveyors arrive
  • What to do if you have denied permission to survey, but Dominion tries to survey your property
  • What you can do if you gave permission but now want to deny it – how to deny permission once the surveyor arrives
  • Procedures to follow if you have given written permission for your property to be surveyed and still want it surveyed
  • Who to contact if you have questions

Contact Us about Surveyors

October 6 2014 update: Free Nelson received a phone call saying surveyors have been seen surveying land in Shipman on properties where the owners have given permission to survey. Free Nelson also received a report that surveyors did trespass on Perry Lane. The landowner called the sheriff, and the surveyors left before the sheriff arrived. Do you know of any Nelson County properties surveyors have tried to survey where landowners have denied permission? Please contact us (friendsofnelson@gmail.com) and tell us about it. We want to collect the information and report it to Dominion and to our legislators, and to use it in the FERC hearing process.

Breaking News! Lawsuit filed to Stop the Pipeline!

A lawsuit was filed against Dominion Transmission, Inc. today in US District Court (for the Western District of Virginia) requesting that the Court find Virginia Code 56-49.01 void and unenforceable due to it being unconstitutional. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of five plaintiffs (all from Nelson County, VA), whose property Dominion has stated that they will survey without owner permission. The complaint asks that the statute be found void and unenforceable, that Dominion be enjoined from entering the Plaintiff’s property and that Plaintiff’s be awarded their costs and expenses incurred including reasonable attorney’s fees. Trial by jury was demanded.

Here is the full Complaint.

No To The PROPOSED Atlantic Coast Pipeline: video

No To The PROPOSED Atlantic Coast Pipeline. A 19 minute YouTube video, posted 22 September 2014, presents basic issues around the pipeline and illustrates how this pipeline is of national concern. It is a wonderful resource to share with friends and family members who may not understand what the big deal is, why they should not cooperate with Dominion, and why they should get involved in the fight against the pipeline.