Updates for Landowners (November 25 and November 26)

Updates for Landowners are posted on our For Landowners page. These two posts include information on the recent “intent to enter” letters and very important information on eminent domain matters.  Reading the eminent domain information will help you prepare for the meeting with Waldo & Lyle, eminent domain lawyers, Wednesday December 3, 7:00 pm, Rockfish Valley Community Center.

Eminent Domain Lawyers May Help Us Protect Our Property Rights

We have scheduled a meeting for Wednesday December 3 at 7 p.m. at Rockfish Valley Community Center with Waldo & Lyle, P.C., a leading law firm specializing in eminent domain cases. This will be a chance for everyone interested to get information and ask questions. We know they are already defending clients against the threatening letters from McGuireWoods.  Their website is: http://www.waldoandlyle.com/

Updates for Landowners (November 14 and November 20)

The Updates for Landowners are posted on our For Landowners page. These updates include information on recent letters received by landowners from both Dominion and their law firm, McGuireWoods, calls to landowners from someone at McGuireWoods, the impressive statistics on the numbers of Nelson landowners denying permission to survey, and information on eminent domain lawyers.

Public Information Meeting, Sunday, November 23, 7pm Rockfish Valley Community Center

A public meeting presenting important up-to-the-minute information on organizing opposition to the proposed Dominion Atlantic Coast Pipeline will be held at Rockfish Valley Community Center, Sunday, November 23 at 7:00pm.  Topics will include the latest round of Dominion letters to landowners, FERC updates, future Dominion/FERC presentations, the George Washington National Forest surveys and more.  Bring your questions, your concerns and your energies to keep the pipeline out of Nelson County.

Brought to you by the Pipeline Education Group, Free Nelson, Friends of Nelson and NO PIPELINErs everywhere.  Please come!

In WV, Dominion causes “conditions not allowable in waters”

According to a West Virginia Dept. of Environmental Protection Consent Order dated October 1, 2014, Dominion’s pipeline construction projects in West Virginia have “caused conditions not allowable in waters of the State by creating sediment deposits” in numerous streams at numerous times. This proposed settlement is now out for public comment – complete with photos at the end of it, documenting their sloppy construction. Remember that the EPA lists dirt (sediment) as the number one cause of pollution in our rivers and streams. Note the 6 pages of photos following page 11 of the document.

Give Input to the Rockfish Valley Area Plan

Give your input to the Rockfish Valley Area Plan by going here (http://www.nelsoncounty-va.gov/departments/planning-zoning/rockfish-valley-area-plan/) and downloading, filling out, and mailing in the three survey forms at the bottom of the page. Nelson County is currently focusing its planning efforts on developing this plan. They will be conducting studies on our natural resources and rural economy – the more public input demonstrates a strong interest in and commitment to protecting these resources and our local economy, the more useful this data is likely to be in helping to fight the pipeline. For example, they may be able to develop data that relates the health of our streams, wetlands, and rivers to our rural economy that we could use to demonstrate that the pipeline would adversely affect local businesses and agriculture.

Eminent domain lawyer to address pipeline issues, Blacksburg, Nov. 17

The Roanoke Times reports that eminent domain lawyer to address pipeline issues Monday in Blacksburg. “Joe Waldo, a prominent eminent domain lawyer in Virginia, likened natural gas pipeline companies’ tactics to bullying and said property owners might reach a point of having to ask the local sheriff to escort survey crews off their land…In a nutshell, Waldo’s advice to landowners from whom a … pipeline contractor seeks access for surveying is to refuse to grant permission for what would be a federally authorized project until FERC provides the necessary authority by issuing a certificate of public convenience and necessity. In an email, Waldo added, “Furthermore, signing pipeline company documents to allow a survey almost always grants more power to the pipeline company than they could obtain in court.” If a surveying crew shows up anyway, citing state law to justify their access, property owners who have refused permission should call the office of the sheriff, a constitutional officer, and request that the surveyors be escorted off the property, Waldo said.”  Read the full article here.