These videos produced by Woody Greenberg and Ron Enders document Friends of Nelson’s six year fight against Dominion Energy’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the lessons learned from that struggle.

The videos cover five general topics that may be seen as a complete series (one hour and five minutes) or as individual segments.

  1. Organizing the community against the proposed pipeline. (12 min 13 sec)
  2. Legal strategies that succeeded in stopping the project. (15 min 38 sec)
  3. Public Relations strategies and tactics. (16 min 45 sec)
  4. Political strategies on the federal, state and local levels. (10 min 38 sec)
  5. Knowing the historical and other resources in your community. (9 min 58 sec)

There is also a link to all of the 19 interview sessions that covered the above topics. These are in-depth discussions of the topics for viewers interested in more details. They have been lightly edited for brevity and elimination of non-germane subjects.

In addition to these videos a Pipeline Fighters Guide was produced by Ron Enders and is available for free download. (Click Here)

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