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2nd Tree Sit on Bent Mountain

Another tree sit has been launched in the path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline! MVP’s threats to remove Red, a landowner, from her own property have prompted a second tree-sit on her property….probably not what MVP expected as the outcome of their bullying.

Further information on the Bent Mountain tree sits from a Facebook post by Liz Arthur: “We have been watching, hiking, recording, and doing anything else we can to keep track of MVP crews and their contractors who consistently stray out of their Limits of Disturbance zones, block landowners from their own private roads, and do all they can get away with until confronted with the paperwork proving they are in violation (yes – I have physically seen all of these things happen). It is a tedious, exhausting task that the landowners and their neighbors have to carry out because there is seemingly NO oversight by any agency – local, state, federal – when it comes to what MVP is doing here on the ground. These people have battled in court for years over this, they have turned down offer after offer for access to their land (which, by the way, includes many pristine creeks that flow into the main water sources of all of Roanoke, endangered species of bats and birds, and incredibly steep and rugged terrain that is difficult to hike, much less pump gas through), and now they are forced to take time off from their jobs in order to ensure that MVP follows the orders and agreements that they have fought so hard to secure in court.

“Red, the Coffey’s neighbor, has resigned to sitting in her trees. The land she sits on has been in her family for 6 generations. The streams on their property (deemed to be cut straight through by MVP) provide well water for the community and flow into Roanoke’s main water sources. Her family turned down every offer MVP made them. However, the courts granted MVP limited access to her property (that is supposed to be subject to strict guidelines) and the pipeline will run right through it. This is the reality for many pieces of private property on Bent Mountain. Red’s sit shouldn’t be a problem for MVP, as the tree cutting was supposed to stop after the March 31st deadline put in place to protect local wildlife during reproductive and migratory seasons.

So – why should we care?

If it can happen here, it will continue to happen everywhere. I care because I don’t want to live in a country where my private property can be seized from me for the sole purpose of corporate profit. The proposed pipeline would deform terrain, destroy creek beds, devalue all surrounding land, and could potentially (as has happened over and over across the country) contaminate our water sources (yes, including the rest of Roanoke). I have been hiking around the proposed route. In many areas the angles and sharp turns are unbelievably extreme for a hiker, much less for millions of gallons of highly explosive gas barreling through some pipes. It’s hard to imagine that nothing would go disastrously wrong. All of this, just so a few people can make some money for a few years until this process is outdated.

“Please spread the word and help us hold MVP accountable. We obey the law, and so should they.”

April 1st Protester


[Peters Mountain] — Early this morning, a particularly hairy protester erected a new tree sit on Peters Mountain in the path of MVP’s pipeline construction.

“Sometimes you just have to put down the treats and stand for what you believe in,” said the protester, adding a “woof!” at the end for good measure.

This is the fourth aerial blockade to be erected since the launch of the tree sits on February 26th, which have successfully prevented MVP from meeting their tree clearing deadline of March 31st.

The protester howled that he is especially excited for visits from the Ham Sandwich Brigade.


No doggos were harmed in the deployment of this action.

Peters Mountain Tree Sit

A March 13, 2018, video from Appalachians Against Pipelines includes footage of trees being felled during Monday’s snowstorm – right up to the base of the sit.

Appalachians Against Pipelines says, “Currently, the only thing physically standing in the way of pipeline construction is the tree sit on Peters Mountain. People in trees are doing what our ‘representatives’ and ‘regulators’ refuse to do — they’re protecting land, water, and communities of Appalachia from corporations that believe their money gives them the right to pillage this land and pollute our water.”

Citizen Activism Praised

In a March 2, 2018, editorial, the Staunton News Leader says citizen activism is “The only good byproduct of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.”

“In the nearly four years since we began reporting and writing about the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, never did it seem unlikely that Dominion Resources would eventually get its way, ripping up our mountainsides, sawing through forests, bulldozing across streams and digging its way through the Shenandoah Valley. Perhaps Dominion has its own version of the state seal, with a motto beneath a vanquished opponent that’s edited to read, ‘Thus always to those who oppose Dominion.’ If they do, it’s because they bought it and paid for it, along with the rest of our state government. …. But they’ve created something else, unintentionally. Their project has given rise to a group of citizen activists who are not likely to stand down any time soon. …. And there’s no sign they’re going away, which is a good thing as Dominion’s plans move forward. Someone needs to be watching, and we have no confidence that the state agencies will assure that Dominion’s promises, as weak as they have been, actually line up with their actions.

Read the full editorial here.

Video: Beyond the Pipeline

A new video, Beyond the Pipeline, focuses on ways individuals and communities in Augusta, Nelson, and Buckingham counties are coming together to stand up against the ACP.

Lee White: “It starts on the local level. We have to act. We have to step up. It’s our responsibility.”

Richard Averitt: “We’re fighting an extraordinarily powerful enterprise. And really, at its core, we’re fighting things that are so hard-baked into our legal system, and our society, and the incentives that are there, that you recognize when you get into this that it’s not really about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. That’s a symptom of a much, much bigger problem, and it’s going to take all of us to turn it around.”

Join us in the fight!

(A production of Amanda Joy Photographics, Conservation Division.)

Report from Water Is Life Rally

Late on December 2, 2017, Blue Virginia posted commentary as well as a set of videos and photos from the Water Is Life rally that afternoon in Richmond.  Over 800 Virginians from all across the state joined with elected officials, a statewide coalition of environmental advocates, and indigenous tribal leaders (and a giant water puppet!) for a historic demonstration against the proposed Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines.  Also included in the Blue Virginia article is a press release from the groups who organized the rally. Other early press coverage included articles in the Augusta Free Press and the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Here’s a video of the activities from the Water Is Life folks:

And here’s a video from CCAN showing protesters and organizers assembling a human chain in a huge circle around the State House and the Governor’s Mansion, the entire perimeter of the Capitol grounds – a first for any rally in Richmond.