March on the Mansion!

March-on-mansionOn June 15, 2016, an unprecedented alliance of groups and leaders released an open letter to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe challenging him to stop supporting fossil fuel projects that worsen climate change and harm communities. The letter calls on the Governor to instead join the fight for “energy justice, democratic renewal, and healthy communities” in Virginia.

More than 60 groups and leaders from mountain counties to coastal communities to the DC suburbs signed the letter, which sets July 23, 2016, as the date for March on the Mansion, a mass rally at the Governor’s mansion to demand a just transition to clean energy now.

Speakers at the June 15 tele-press conference released the letter, as well as a website to promote the July 23 rally in Richmond – – during a tele-press conference on Wednesday.

Ernie Reed, representing Friends of Nelson and Wild Virginia, said, “The Governor’s promotion of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline has implicated him as complicit in selling our environment and giving away our property rights for Dominion’s profit. For over two years we have attempted to bring our concerns directly to the Governor. For over two years the silence from the Governor’s office had been deafening. Virginia deserves a governor who listens, engages and acts in our best interests. This is what we are requesting today.”

In their press release, the groups said, “If our voices have gone unheard from our separate regions of the state, we have a duty to bring those voices together until we are heard. If the governor has difficulty hearing our specific concerns and our even more specific proposed solutions, we will help him hear them by bringing our voices directly to him.”

Read the Open Letter to Governor McAuliffe, A New Vision for Energy Justice, Democratic Renewal, and Healthy Communities in Virginia

Read the press release here.

More about the July 23, 2016, March on the Mansion, including details of time, place, and how to participate, is here.