Virginia Supreme Court Hearings

On Wednesday April 19, 2017,
Hazel Palmer, an 83 year old widow, will stand up against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC before the Virginia Supreme Court.  (You must be in the courtroom and seated by 9 am.)  In 2004 the General Assembly enacted special legislation for interstate gas transmission companies granting them the special power to enter private property to study the land for interstate pipelines without the individual owner’s permission and without the companies paying just compensation.

Henry Howell, Mrs. Palmer’s lawyer, says, “Hazel Palmer is standing at her property line facing the army of economic and political power that Dominion has amassed against her, looking that army in the face, and saying, ‘You will not take my family land for your profits.’  The United States Constitution and the Virginia Constitution shield Hazel Palmer against the abuse of the power of the government and the abuse of the power of eminent domain that We the People have given our government. That shield protects each individual citizen and property owner. Let’s celebrate Hazel Palmer’s fight and the Constitutions that we have created and sustain for protecting Hazel Palmer and each of us under our Rule of Law.”

On the same docket, and scheduled after Mrs. Palmer’s case, Buckingham County landowners will have their appealed right-to-enter cases heard. In April, a Buckingham County judge granted ACP surveyors the right to enter private property without giving landowners notice of the specific date of entry, despite the fact that the pipeline builder has not been granted the right to eminent domain.

Come to show your support for Mrs. Palmer and for the Buckingham County landowners.

The Virginia Supreme Court is across 9th Street from the Capitol building.